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Cris Janson-Piers,


Studied  A level photography.


A well published and an award winning photographer has been behind the lens for many years as a professional, working in the corporate and journalistic sector. His interest in sport, wildlife, live music and people in general further enabled him to diversify into many different areas, which in turn produces the flair in his work.


Cris' passion away from his everyday photographic work is wildlife, BIG CATS being one of his favourite subjects and that is why he has a site just dedicated to them. He regularly donates work to Organisations and Publications who support or are working with conservation.


Cris also conducts speeches and seminars for  Clubs, Organisatons and Education.


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Photographic tuition courses available for individuals or groups, from beginners to advanced and from Bridge Camera to DSLR.


Photographic experiences for beginners also available.


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